Meet the classic bike

CoGo bikes were designed for easy riding in an urban environment. They were built to be comfortable for a wide variety of riders of different heights and riding abilities.


Sturdy Frame

The aluminum frame is easy to straddle and has a low center of gravity for a more stable ride.

Adjustable Seat

The wide, padded saddle seat is comfortable and rain-resistant. The black lever at the bottom of the seat post allows you to adjust the seat to your height, and the numbers on the post help you remember your setting for next time.

Handlebars & Shifters

The handlebars are designed to let you sit upright and enjoy greater visibility. The shifter is built right into the handlebar – just twist it to make pedaling easier or harder.

Responsive Brakes

To brake, squeeze the levers on both handlebars. The braking mechanism is hidden in the frame of the bike, so it’s not affected by rain.

Lights & Reflectors

Multiple reflectors and self-powered LED lights at the front and rear make sure you stay visible when riding. They turn on automatically when you start riding.

Front Basket

The metal rack at the front of the bike fits a wide range of bags. Secure your belongings in place with the elastic cord attached to the rack.

Durable Tires

The puncture-resistant tires are designed to stay inflated ride after ride.

Chain Guard & Fenders

Front and rear fenders help protect you from rain or dirt, and the metal chain guard prevents grease from getting on your legs.

Now you’re ready to learn the rules of the road!
We have some quick safety tips for you to make sure every ride is a smooth one.