System Data

Here you'll find CoGo's trip data for public use. So whether you're a policy maker, transportation professional, web developer, designer, or just plain curious, feel free to download it, map it, animate it, or bring it to life!

This data is provided according to the CoGo Data License Agreement.

Real-Time Data

CoGo publishes real-time system data in General Bikeshare Feed Specification format. Get the GBFS feed here. Use this data for all new projects.

Historical Trip Data

We publish downloadable files of CoGo trip data. The data includes:

Start Time and Date
Stop Time and Date
Start Station Name
End Station Name
Station ID
Station Lat/Long
Bike ID
User Type (Customer = 24-hour pass or 3-day pass user; Subscriber = Annual Member)
Gender (Zero=unknown; 1=male; 2=female)
Year of Birth

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